Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cave

Large shot of the cave. Also a small Winget that will inhabit this cave. Again Cave was painted by Josh Story. Not myself. I could not do that. The cave is made from cardboard covered in newspapers then covered with cheese cloth dipped in plaster then covered in plaster and smoothed out while semi wet with water and sponges. Maybe put process photos up although they are less impressive.

Current work

This is a close up of the cave i've been working on for a couple of months now. The amazing paint job which completely brings this thing to life was done by Josh Story. He's an amazing painter who worked with me on Coraline. He's also an awesome guy. So nice when those two things exist together. Anyway working on a stop motion script for my Wingets (the green furry guys) that would live in here. I'd wanna live in here.

First post

I'm am going to try and keep current work and current thoughts on this blogsite and try to keep the latter to a minimum. Currently looking for where to upload pictures. If I can't find these buttons readily this blog will soon be done.