Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I do love animation.

I now have 5 followers. This is amazing. I have been doing some animation for Shadow Machine on Dino Stamatopoulos new tv series "Frankenhole." I am now back in Portland and getting ready to animate for the Hood to Coast Documentary. After that I want to come up with a little short to practice the new techniques I learned on the show. Doing ten seconds a day on the show one learns a lot and gets pushed in terms of what you can do. I had a chance to animate things I was maybe tentative to approach before or didn't have a reason to approach. Such as someone giggling. I mastered that shit I tell ya. It helps for someone to say, "this is what the character is going to do...now do it" you do it and find out that, yes, you can do it, and yes you are able to work through how to make it look right. It's exciting. Anyway Jeremy Spake and Shea Bordo have made some pretty amazing puppets laying around the studio so hopefully I can put them to use in the next few weeks. Fuck I love animation.